Beryl accessed HOWSS support and has shared her journey. Learn more about Beryl’s journey.


“My name is Beryl.

I’m 63, a mother of 8 and grandmother of 13.

Well, I’ve accessed your service from when I was sofa surfing, yeah so you got onto it pretty quick actually, it didn’t take long at all.

We did a housing application, helped me with all of that, came over and took me up to Department of Housing when I needed to go up there and provided transport for me cause I have limited mobility myself.

And helped me with the voucher to get food or the things I might need for the place. It’s changed a lot and given me somewhere to call home.

Somewhere I’m comfortable and where my children and grandchildren can come to visit, without me feeling like they are imposing, you know, because I had been staying with people previously.

Everything fell into place and I’m happy now.

Speaking from an Indigenous woman’s point of view, a lot of them get shame to ask for help, but I’d advise them – Seek the help that you need, don’t be shame.”

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