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Financial Information Service (FIS) is a free service that can inform and educate you about financial matters. Our staff can support you to access video calls with a FIS officer. 

The Age Pension is the main income support payment for people who have reached Age Pension age.

To get this you must be all of the following:

  • Age Pension age
  • under the income and assets test limits
  • an Australian resident, normally for at least 10 years.

Income support If disability prevents you from working, you may be able to get an income support payment.

JobSeeker Payment is for people who are sick or injured and can’t do their usual work or study. This payment is for people who need short-term support.

Disability Support Pension is for people with a permanent physical, intellectual or psychiatric condition that either:

  • stops you from working
  • reduces how many hours you can work.

Mobility Allowance is to help with travel costs for work, study or looking for work if you have a disability, illness or injury that means you can’t use public transport.

The Queensland Government also has information about financial support, information, managing your money,  mortgage relief loans, scams and fraud, and Seniors financial protection services.

Qld Seniors Card Find out about the benefits offered by the different card types: Queensland Seniors Card, Seniors Business Discount Card and Seniors +go. Our staff can assist you with more information.

Qld Taxi Subsidy Scheme    The Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS) subsidises taxi travel—half of the total fare, up to a maximum of $30 per trip—for people with severe disabilities. To be eligible you must be a permanent resident of Queensland and fully meet at least 1 of the 6 eligibility criteria. Our staff can assist you with more information.

Money Smart provides guidance, tools, tips and resources for financial wellbeing including:

    • Financial counselling
    • Urgent help with money (if you’re struggling or in crisis
    • Save for an emergency fund
    • Managing on a low income
    • Problems paying your bills.


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