Public Housing

Social housing is available to provide housing stability to vulnerable people who aren’t able to access and sustain housing in the private market. You must meet all of the eligibility criteria to receive social housing. Seniors’ units are available for people over 55 years.

Below is a snapshot of eligibility from the DCHDE, our staff can support you to navigate this housing system.

  1. Australian citizenship, residency status and visa conditions do apply
    Our staff can assist with clarification regarding your eligibility.
  1. Queensland residency
    You (the person signing the tenancy agreement) must live in Queensland. We may make an exception if you are applying from another Australian state or territory and can provide evidence that you are moving to Queensland
  1. Liquid assets limit
    The liquid assets of all applicants and household members added together must not equal more than:
    • $116,375.00 for a single-person household.
    • $148,625.00 for a two (2) or more person household.

Liquid assets include but are not limited to: money, shares, fixed investments, managed funds, property trusts, superannuation payouts, and the value of caravans, mobile homes and live-aboard boats.

  1. Independent income
    You must earn an independent income in Queensland — at least one person who will sign the tenancy agreement must:
  • receive an independent income of $226.81 or more every week
  • have received this income for (at least) the 4 weeks leading up to applying for social housing. The household’s combined gross weekly assessable income must be less than $609 for a single person with no children.

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