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Maria accessed HOWSS support and has generously shared her story. Watch and listen below.


“My name is Maria. It was pretty to tricky to start with. Housing is a problem everywhere; affordability is a problem everywhere. The impact of not having somewhere to go was pretty hopeless.

I just didn’t get out of bed, basically! Because, you feel so isolated, and you’re on your own when you’re homeless. And you feel like a loser and it’s not going to change because you’re depressed.

And then, I got this call from HOWSS, and it was an instant relief to be speaking with someone who was so in tune with experience and also, I thought, things might start happening.

I didn’t have to wait 10 years. Things happened very fast.

From where I was to where I am now is just … mountains. I didn’t think I was going to get through this one. It’s just made such a difference, just having a place and having an affordable place, it’s all about having a foundation to start with.

From there, like any building, it’s scaffolding. As you build, it’s scaffolding. Just build and build from that.

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The video features Maria seated and sharing her story outdoors, surrounded by green plants. Text appears on the video and shows HOWSS Housing Older Women’s Support Service, Footprints Community logo and url www.howss.org.au.

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