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Housing Older Women’s Support Services (HOWSS) is a Specialised Housing and Support Hub for Older Women funded by the Department of Housing. This service offers a Brisbane-based Hub, and a Queensland-wide online navigation and support service that is inclusive of all older women experiencing housing distress or homelessness.

HOWSS provides a place where older women can receive:

  • help to find housing and support assistance
  • face-to-face contact with skilled staff
  • volunteer peer support from people with lived experience
  • telephone and online advice and advocacy
  • outreach services
  • information and linkages to other human service support agencies
  • engagement and education sessions for older women, and the sector
  • state-wide collaborative regional responses, including two community spokes

This service values the importance that lived experience can play in supporting women facing housing stress and homelessness. We have peer staff and volunteers available to ensure that everyone feels safe, respected, and understood.


Footprints is a partner of the Town of Nowhere 2.0 campaign. The Town of Nowhere (ToN) campaign brings together a coalition of community organisations and everyday Queenslanders dedicated to ending our state’s housing crisis. Visit the QCOSS page ToN website to learn more.

The Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (AAEH) supports Australian communities to individually and collectively end homelessness. They work with local communities at all levels to ensure everyone has access to safe and sustainable housing services and that any incidents of homelessness that do occur are rare, brief and non-recurring. Visit AAEH for more information.

Footprints is a partner of The Advance to Zero Campaign. This is a groundbreaking national initiative of the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (AAEH) that supports local collaborative efforts to end rough sleeping homelessness one community at a time.

The Advance to Zero is a campaign being run by a national collection of communities and organisations that are committed to ending all homelessness.


Our HOWSS team understand that to achieve successful outcomes for our clients and find solutions to some of the broader problems facing women experiencing housing distress and homelessness it can often involve working collaboratively with others, whether that be people, businesses, government bodies and community organisations.

If you are passionate about the housing crisis being faced by many older women and would like to become involved and partner with us in the delivery of HOWSS, please call 1800 FOOTPRINTS (1800 366 877) or email

Our Partners include:

Department of Housing

Logan Zero

Bundaberg Zero

Housing for the Aged Action Group
The Housing Older Women Support Service is based on Housing for the Aged Action Group’s Home at Last service and is a key partner in establishing the service. Specialist advice, support and encouragement was provided by Housing for the Aged Action Group to Footprints to establish the service. We continue to work together to advocate to end older women’s homelessness.


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